Dear (new & old) Reader,

Firstly, thank you for spending time here.  The need for feedback is universal and believe me when I say that creating comics is a LOT more rewarding when you know people are reading them.  Please don’t waste a chance to leave a comment or share your thoughts with me via email.

I try and approach each comic from a particular experience of corporate life (not always my own).  Most of the comics are observational, some (hopefully) are insightful and many just play for a laugh.

Some of the comics will convince you that I’m sitting in the chair next to you all day taking notes, but depending on the depth and breadth of your experiences, some will definitely miss the mark.  This is as deliberate as it is unfortunate but I want, over time, to capture the full corporate experience in comic form and trust me, some of these you’re better off not getting. :)

For me, 1.00 FTE is a bit of fun that lets me share my thoughts and connect with a bunch of people.  While some of the comics get a little dark, this is definitely not an angst filled outpouring from a disenfranchised victim of the market economy.  I have a good job at a good company. I like to work. I like corporate life.  I also just happen to like poking fun and, on occasion, expressing a point of view through humour (the spelling is correct, I’m Australian).

All I really hope for is that you are generally amused and occasionally I hit a chord.

Thanks again for the visit.  If you have any thoughts, ideas, feedback (constructive or otherwise) or you wish to contact me for any reason, feel free to drop me a note at stuart@onefte.com.


1.00 FTE

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  1. George

    I’ve only recently found your website but I love it. It seems every comic relates to the place where I work. It seemed till I found your site that I must work for the most dysfunctional company in the world. Now I know that’s not the case. :-) . Keep up the great work!

    • stuart

      Given that the comics are an amalgamation of ideas collected from the experiences of many people in many companies, if they all apply to where you work then the world title might still be in your grasp. :)

      Thanks for the great feedback, it’s appreciated. :)

  2. pointman2011

    Love your work – helps broaden my perspectives to work.

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