The interview question Project Managers fear most.

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10 Responses to The interview question Project Managers fear most.

  1. Darkoneko says:

    both ? (or neither)

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  4. Keith Boone says:

    My fourteen year old answered it correctly. She said “yes”

  5. Hasufin says:

    Obviously, the answer is to help realize managed expectations.

    And also to hit developers with a metaphorical baseball bat until they’re on schedule.

    This is why I realized I don’t want to be a PM. It looks so easy when you’re not the one doing it…

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  7. Carl says:

    There’s a difference (in reality)?

  8. TechieBird says:

    The PM doesn’t usually have any decision making powers as to the quality, scope and budget, of the overall project, so whether people’s ideas get realised is entirely down to whether they’re achievable with the resources invested.

    So, my answer would be that it’s the PM’s job to see that whatever is in the agreed scope of the project gets realised, so long as it’s achievable with the available resources.

    Unless I’m interviewing at a startup in which case it’s the PM’s job to enable the organisation to chase dreams, create wonder and excitement, yada yada yada…

  9. Mike K. says:

    It’s not that difficult, is it?

    The PM doesn’t actually realize any ideas, but makes sure that others do what’s possible for them.
    And usually, it starts off with a healthy round of “Well, this is what you want … and this is what we can do for you” ;-)

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