So you’re accountable? Good luck with that.

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  1. Innershell says:

    Love it. RACI = Why nobody is responsible and one person always gets screwed for accountability. Next, you need a cartoon on Matrix Reporting Relationships … where the responsible person has multiple bosses (with dotted lines of course), but only one person is the “real” boss while the rest are just speed bumps along the way who have opinions on everything.

    • Mike K. says:

      A cartoon on Matrix reporting relationships?

      I have a nice story on that one:

      One Quality Assurance Department ended up with 6 Test Managers for different projects having to share a certain tester as operative resource.
      When that one went on sick leave and all projects went on red, it turned out that was the only tester left.

  2. kelseyvh says:

    Ooh yes please

  3. Max says:

    Bring back management by objectives. The acronym is shorter.

  4. Mike K. says:

    I am a firm believer in NEVER separating responsibility from accountability.

    First, it disempowers the “A” by having someone in charge who can see things derail without being able to steer back on track.
    Secondly, it disempowers the “R” by having a whole team who must perform but cannot help if the “A” sets an objective that will not let them perform.

    On a completely different note, a very strict RACI separation has supported more than one totalitarian government in human history: Those who set the policies (A) don’t feel responsible because they’re just sitting on their desks,writing papers. On the other hand, those who are responsible for obvious atrocities can simply claim to be following orders.
    Very convenient for seriously messing things up without having to be liable.

    I’m OK if one of the “R’s” also has the hat of “A”, but just don’t separate these things.
    Just don’t.

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