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  1. trentyn


    My interview small talk usually includes “how long have you been with the company?” and “do you enjoy your job?” with subtle variations depending on the dialogue. Then question time at the end usually has the rather blunt “how do you measure high performance?” to which if there is no answer speaks worlds.

    • catherine

      How do you measure high performance and how would you like it to be measured?
      (Just curious)

      • trentyn

        Both questions are the same in a perfect world :)
        A mix of hygene factors and an obvious effort to do things above and beyond the JD. SMART measures would obviously be dependant on the role itself.

        The answer I get from asking it I would expect to be a SMART one, or at least delivered in such a way that I can be confident that they have given the question some thought already.

  2. catherine

    “What are your weaknesses” was discussed as an interview question in the papers recently. I think this is exactly the same question (in reverse) and no less legitimate. Employers tend to think that there is a power imbalance in their favour, which isn’t always true.

    Of course, if you’ve done your research properly, you won’t need to ask it :)

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