Why Business loves the Cloud.

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  1. Darkoneko

    so THAT’s why !

  2. Nick

    The same thing was said of outsourcing, fifteen years ago. Then the business realised that being made financially accountable for their IT requirements turned out to be worse than being able to blame the IT department. The same will be true of Cloud, or indeed any IT service arrangement where an order leads directly to an invoice.

    • stuart

      I agree completely, but.even though the idea* is generally misguided, if the business is finding it attractive, I think IT should give some thought as to why.

      * the idea of not involving IT in Cloud decisions, not necessarily the idea of Cloud itself.

      • Nick

        No question, Stuart.

        Often such thought leads to the ‘Harvey Norman Question’ (ie. why does my desktop cost $150 a month when I can buy the whole PC from HN for $800? Well, because you’re buying network, printing, G drive, Helpdesk, Software suite, Security and Refresh, not to mention 4 hour Break/Fix. )

        In other words, business is unaware of what it is paying for.

        And yes, it is the job of the IT department to communicate that.

        • stuart

          I’ve always called it the the ‘Western Digital question’ :) “Why am I paying $X per GB when I can get 1 terabyte+ for $100 :)

  3. trentyn

    having sat on both sides of the fence as a project manager, this gave me a good chuckle.

    Nick raises an interesting point as well, around business accountability. I think both sides of the company should work much closer, putting IT up on the block when “not enough noise” was made about a lack of clear requirements just isn’t good enough. everyone needs to have their say and have it heard. blame the pm or the stakeholders… it doesn’t matter the whole project team should take some learnings away.

    • Nick

      Yes, IT and the business should work closer together, but then we should have World Peace. In reality, IT is either a cost centre which the business thinks should “Do as it’s told” like all the other cost centres (eg. HR) or IT’s an external supplier. Either one makes a great scapegoat. Rare to be able to sell accountability over a nice blame magnet like that.

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