1.00 FTE turns 500.

Comic #500. Wow. Don’t worry.  I won’t subject you all to a bunch of site statistics or a “journey” story (at least until I write the autobiography).

I will, however, take this opportunity to say thanks to all of You.

You the Reader.

You the Subscriber.

You the Sharer.

You the Liker.

You the Retweeter.

You the Forwarder.

You the Introducer.

You the Commenter.

You the Contributor.

And … ahem .. you the Inspiration.

Thank you, you know who you are (possibly with the exception of You the Inspiration. You probably don’t.)

OK, you hear from me every day (and have done for over 16 months now!), so how about sharing your 1.00 FTE stories?

What comics have you shared with peers/management/staff/clients?  What have you presented? What have you stuck on the wall.  I want details, people!

Oh, and if there’s a 1.00 FTE comic that has pride of place on your wall, I’d love it if you sent a photo to me at stuart@onefte.com.  I’ll set up a gallery. :)

Thanks again, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.



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  1. Darkoneko

    omg self reference ! :D

    • stuart

      It’s a brave new world. :) Don’t worry. Back to normal programming tomorrow. :)

  2. oneftefan

    Well obviously we all think we’re the inspiration for each daily comic! How do you manage to capture the zeitgeist so perfectly each and every day?!?!

    • stuart

      I think zeitgeist might be pushing it, but thank you. :) I’m always somewhat relieved when people relate to the comics. It means I’m not alone. :)

  3. Dauthi

    I think I have 5 up in my cube these days. I’ll snap a picture if I can find a camera.

    • stuart

      Excellent. I’ll get started on the gallery page. :)

  4. Rachael

    The ‘your too special to be this much trouble’ has been shared with managers and friends. Typo-trauma has gone over APJ to my Daily Thought group. The dog policy ‘definition of stupid’ has been quoted in my office many times (usually in relation to a policy)… :) Thanks for giving me a structure to work towards… :)

    • stuart

      I hadn’t meant for them to be so helpful. :)

      Well, you know what they (I) say, all feedback is constructive on some level. :)

  5. Joanne

    These “comics” are dreadfully bad, I’d rather watch Saddam Hussain do stand up comedy. I’ve seen funnier dead kittens than this stuff. Please do the whole world a favour and stop writing these immediately, you may have many talent but, let’s face it, writing, drawing and – be honest – designing user friendly websites aren’t among them.

  6. Carl

    IMO they could do worse.

    I’ve seen more good advice and tips in your webcomic than in a shelf full of “expert authors” on self-help and career guidance.

    • stuart

      Thanks, Carl, it’s appreciated. Of course, if I was Joanne and all I was searching for was nice prose, fine art and compelling web design I’d look elsewhere too. :)

      I did find, however, that the comedic Saddam & dead kittens bit did detract from the constructiveness of her message. :)

  7. Anne

    Hi Stuart.
    I read your comic every day and I thoroughly enjoy it! You asked which comics have been shared. I posted the one on ‘Executive Remuneration’ (Nov. 18 2010) and ‘What do you have to say for yourself’ (Dec. 24 2010) on the wall in the hallway, to make my colleagues smile.
    And since I work in communications, I put the one on ‘Coffee Cup Colour Change’ right next to my computer screen – to always remind me of not overdoing it!
    Oh, and as another reminder, but on a different note, I keep ‘If you don’t like the heat…’ (June 10 2010) in my drawer…

    • stuart

      Thank you! I’ve always thought the Transition Cup was underrated. :)

      The drawer comment resonates. I’ve had a heap of emails (relating to the 500th) from folks who, for professional reasons, can’t publicly comment (or display the comics at work. I completely understand, and up until to that point, I had (rather naively) not really understood how much 1.00 FTE was a guilty pleasure for many. :)

      Thanks for the (public) feedback! :)

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