Let me spell it out for you.

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  1. The gold digger

    In our interminable projects in grad school, where the grade was assigned to the entire group based on the product/report/analysis, I finally go to the point where I said I would take, as my share of the work, the actual writing of the report. I always ended up doing it anyhow because the contributions of my classmates were usually crap. You would think in a top graduate school that you would get people who had a decent command of the English language but you would be wrong.

    • stuart

      But that’s the issue isn’t it? It’s not that people don’t have great language skills. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. But in a business role (or at grad school doing reports) where clear communication is so important, it’s (a) astounding that people aren’t working on improving this fundamental skill, and (b) it’s seems ok to everyone else that they’re not.

  2. Ryan

    I dropped out of my HSC to go do a Diploma in Hospitality Management at TAFE. Our teacher decided to teach us how to write reports at university level. Only myself and two others actually passed easily. Apparently there are HSC students typing u instead of you in their final exams. I guess its one of those things you have either a really good grasp of or none at all. I gave up talking to 90% of my FB friends list because I’m frequently insulted for being able to form a coherent sentence. Maybe this is why incoherency is on the rise? Kids are being ostracised for not talking in “IM language”.

    • stuart

      It’s 2 l8 4 u, Ryan, u dinosaur. :)

  3. Dauthi

    I assure you all that the latest generation(s) are not the only ones incapable of forming coherent sentences or writing well.

    I’m sad to learn that it’s like that over in your part of the world, though, Stuart. I was really hoping it was just America. =(

    • stuart

      I really don’t mind if people can’t read or write. Just don’t put yourself in a role where you have to send me emails. :)

      • stuart

        Of course, that wasn’t directed at you Dauthi. I find you very literate. :)

  4. trentyn

    I am all for diversity.

    It worries me that there is a movement toward employing people with lower skills to buff up the diversity numbers.

    not trying to start anything controversial, just stating an opinion.

    • stuart

      This is a tough comment to tackle first thing on a Sunday morning. :)

      ok ….

      Let me start my saying I don’t really agree there’s a general movement (your company may differ) of lowering the skillbase to meet diversity targets. That’s mainly because I’ve actually seen the search for talent broaden internationally over the last few years simply because the skills are unsourcable locally and while there may sometimes be ESL related challenges, I’ve found the overall skill level of internationally sourced talent to be excellent.

      To be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about diversity as an issue/cause when putting this comic together and I think that’s really a reflection that I don’t think it’s the underlying problem. I think it’s as much a reflection on local education systems as it is anything.

      Overall, I think there’s a general acceptance that people, despite deciding to work in an office environment, are incapable of creating effective (even adequate) written communication. The solution is all too rarely a writing course and all too often a delegated task to the literate.

      Wherever they’re from. :)

  5. GK

    It IS alarming how the higher folks rise, the less that’s expected of pretty significant communications. It irks me when VPs use texting lingo. “i’ll b there – send docs 2 pm and rtrn to mtg in 10 min…”

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