You smooth talker you.

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  1. Ryan Lee

    Can we do this to politicians? Please? One of them might do something useful for once.

  2. Nick

    True accountability only exists between two people, let’s say Fred and Joe. Fred is CIO and holds Joe accountable for, say, data storage. The accountability exists between Fred and Joe. Elsewhere, Fred is accountable to the CIO for all of IT. That’s a separate deal and Joe is not involved.

    • stuart

      But there are situations where decisions affect multiple areas of accountability, right? Using your example, if Mary from Marketing wanted to make changes to how telesales calls are stored so the recordings are clearer, Fred is accountable for the impact on storage (big impact) so he should have a good say in the decision (timing, biz case, etc) but Pete, head of training, doesn’t want it to happen because he would have to buy his Trainers new flash drives ($100 a pop) to store the sample files. Sometimes, the Pete’s of the world have way too much say in decisions that are made. Also, the Fred’s of the world (if they don’t have the time or the talent to articulate their concerns, they can be underrepresented.


  3. Nick

    Ha! My first post stands. What you are talking about is a change in requirement, leading to a change in service and (no doubt) a change in cost recovery. First the customer and other stakeholders (Mary and Pete) nut out the functional requirement, based on advice from the bloke who WILL BE (sorry, no italics or underlining) accountable for delivering the service. Then there’s a project SoW including a TR, which the data storage guy (Fred) gets to sign off on. Then there’s the project to implement, a production handover process (against the agreed SoW / TR) and THEN Fred is on the hook again. In short, Mary and Pete need to work out who is accountable for making changes to voice recording (it’s not clear in your example). In RACI, there’s only one A, but as many Cs as you can yawn at. Then Fred can manage his accountability accordingly. Nice example.

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