The self-fulfilling prophecy of Project Management.

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  1. Martin

    Adding more resources to a project makes it later (Fred Brooks if you want the reference)

    • stuart

      Martin, I agree with you … to a point. :) I’ve read Brooks, and I’ve seen his proposition (more people added to a late project makes it later) come to reality, but I’ve also seen chronically under-resourced projects increase the amount of management/governance/overhead to solve the problems caused directly by a lack of resources. With this comic, I was trying to point out that we, sometimes, can get the governance/delivery mix wrong.

      Thanks very much for your comments, btw. Much appreciated. :)

  2. Trentyn

    In my experience the cheifs and indians cliche is far more accurate than the more resources makes it later statement (that is fast becoming cliche as well).

    …this is how I read Stuarts comment, throwing cheifs at a situation that could have used a couple more indians.

    • stuart

      Trentyn, exactly. An extra resource or two can ease the overhead of managing to (or past) tight deadlines.

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