When everyone wants to be you.

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  1. Iowa Writer

    Great comic! This actually brings back a lot of memories…including one time where I lost out on a campus job because a person took credit for the job I did on a project, lol. It’s all funny in retrospect. Thanks for sharing.

  2. stuart

    @Iowa Writer – Thanks, and it’s good that you can laugh about it now. :) The flip side to this comic is, of course, the projects that never get mentioned because they were horrific (and public) failures.

  3. Gayle Howard

    Ha! That really resonates with me Stuart. Years ago I ended up writing professional resumes for probably 20 or 30 people at the one company (well known in the hospitality sector). Every single person said he/she was “responsible for” the multimillion dollar refurbishment of the hotel. From the executives down to the duty manager, everyone claimed they managed the project! The first two got by, after that I questioning them like they were connected to a major crime asking them “Just exactly what did you do — specifically” type of questions!

  4. stuart

    Gayle, maybe there’s just not enough attractive projects (ie. scale and success) to fill all the resumes that require them :) .

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